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ITMP Awarded Community Engagement Grant!

Updated: Jun 21, 2022

We’re very happy to announce that we’ve won $3000 in funding for our program! Earlier in 2021, ITMP applied to SFU’s Student-Community Engagement Competition ( ), a competition held by Simon Fraser University that grants funding to student-led groups who “[work] together with community partners towards innovative and meaningful impact”. After written applications, presentations, and a LOT of hard work by the team, ITMP made it to the finals and was one of the winning teams. In fact, we were announced to be Grand Prize Award Winner of 2021-2022!

This is very exciting to us because, since starting this program in January of 2021, we have had an operating budget of zero. This means that we were very limited in our activities and what enrichment opportunities we could offer our students. With this funding, we hope to build on what we already are doing and create more opportunities to engage with our students (and for our students to engage with each other!). It will also allow us to improve our onboarding and get tutors to students faster and more effectively.

We plan to start offering new virtual and/or in-person opportunities to our students, and have some exciting plans that are in development! Stay tuned over the summer, as updates will be announced here on the blog. And of course, if you have ideas about things you’d like to see us do in the future, please let us know at We are always happy to hear from students and parents about the activities they think would be the most helpful and engaging!

Author: Todd Nelson, ITMP Chief

Photo Credits: Simon Fraser University, SFU Student Engagement Competition


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