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Raffle Prize for Blog Submissions from Students!

Updated: Oct 13, 2023

To promote student engagement with the ITMP Blog, we are announcing an annual raffle prize for students who submit a post to our blog! Over the course of the school year (Sept - June) students can submit blog posts to the ITMP website using our google form (or the banner at the top of the blog and homepage!). Blog posts will be published on the ITMP blog, and each blog post submitted will count as one entry to the raffle. At the end of June, ITMP will randomly draw a name from the raffle and that person will win a digital gift card to Massy Books, an Indigenous-owned bookstore!

Blog posts can be about any topic of your choice, like Indigenous fashion, a song or story you like, a game review, your opinion on an issue that is important to you, a biography of someone you admire, etc. We also welcome creative writing and poetry! See our writing prompts post for more ideas.

As always, Indigenous students grade k-12 are all welcome to participate! Younger students are encouraged to get help from older family members or their ITMP tutor to submit a post. We hope this makes practicing reading and writing skills more fun and provides a platform for students to share what is important to them!

Author: Basil, ITMP Admin & IT Support

Image credits: Basil Giannopoulos with Canva and PNG ALL


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