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Online Training


  1. Roles and resonsibilities

  2. Technical preparations for online Interactions

  3. How to be an effective and encouraging tutor

  4. How to role model a growth mindset and critical thinking


  1. Increasing awareness of assumptions, oppression and harmful behaviours

  2. Strategies for first meetings: disarm and discover

  3. Effective communication and respectful disagreements

  4. Professionalism, setting boundaries and maintaining confidentiality

  5. Using referrals, resources, and empathy in difficult situations

  6. Self-care

In-Person Training

Tutoring & Mentoring:

  1. How to make yourself more approachable

  2. How to listen actively and empathically

  3. How to teach problem-solving

  4. Other tutoring tips

Indigenous Studies Vocabulary Review:

  1. Perfect Stranger

  2. Single Story perspective

  3. Two-eyed seeing

  4. Listening with 3 ears

  5. Word Arrows

  6. Indigenous learning styles

  7. Wholistic learning

  8. Kokopelli

  9. Indigenous Knowledge Systems

  10. "Indian Problem"

  11. Settler

  12. Difference and others- Indigenous perspectives

  13. IRS/Orange Shirt Days

  14. Academic success for Indigenous students

  15. Colonized/decolonization/anti-colonial

  16. Appropriate terminology for Indigenous Peoples

  17. Reconciliation

  18. When Indigenous students do not say anything, it is because...

  19. Why do you think some Indigenous students miss school?

  20. Some Indigenous students struggle in school because...

  21. Write a Land Acknowledgement and positioning statement 

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