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About ITMP

​When was ITMP founded?

ITMP was created in January 2021.

Why was it created? 

To address the discrepancy in resources available to Indigenous and non-Indigenous students. 


What is the aim?

The aim of this program is to provide free educational tutoring and resources to Indigenous students to help increase graduation rates and pursuit of post secondary education.  By providing free tutoring to Indigenous students both on and off reserve, as well as mentoring tailored to the needs of the student, we hope to close this gap in education and aid in increasing Indigenous representation across the various workforces and specialties. 

  • Connects students with tutors proficient in the topic required by the student.

  • Students are met with on a weekly basis for 30min -1 hour depending on the age and needs of the student.

  • Meetings occur over Zoom due to current COVID-19 regulations, however it is our hope to eventually organize in-person tutoring, especially for those who may not have reliable internet access.

  • Tutors are required to complete criminal record checks and training before beginning.

  • Our mentoring program targets goal formation and soft skill development.

  • The goal of mentoring is to allow students to become self-sufficient and develop the skills and resources to continue learning without tutoring.

  • Assist with career planning by talking with first generation university students, researching scholarship resources, etc.


  • Our advocacy program is to be a resource for Indigenous students providing support and access to their cultures.

  • Providing students with numerous resources including websites to help learn about culture or languages, and available scholarships to future post-secondary students.

  • Creating safe spaces for students and tutors to be able to share their experiences of being Indigenous; either through our blog or one-on-one with mentors.

  • Offering workshops that contribute to keeping Indigenous traditions, languages, and art alive.

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