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Taking a Break on the Blog!

Hello ITMP readers!

We hope you’ve enjoyed all the blog posts we’ve shared this semester. We wanted to announce that starting this week, our blog writing team is going on break to allow our members to write their final exams and take a needed rest. It’s our version of Spring Break!

The ITMP blog will be back again soon on May 10th. In May and June, we’re looking forward to sharing more posts on a variety of topics - including an “Indigenous Health” series, which you have already gotten a sneak peak of with our recent “Indigenous Nurses Day” post! And if you’re still looking for something to read until the blog returns, we recommend exploring other poems from “Tea and Bannock Stories: First Nations Community of Poetic Voices”, the collection that the Spring Break post’s poem came from!

We hope you check in with the blog after May 10th for more posts, and as always, thank you for joining us. See you soon!

Author: Basil Giannopoulos

Photo Credits: Artbox via Not on the High Street


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