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Meet ITMP’s newest blog writers!

ITMP is welcoming new members to our blogging team! To kick off March and introduce the new team, we’re sharing a bit about each writer’s background and the perspective they are writing from. Without further ado, please meet the new blog writers:


Hey everyone! My name is Ace Daniya. I was born in India, grew up in the United Arab Emirates. I am comfortable with any pronouns except he/him. I love playing video games, crocheting, reading and writing. I am currently an English major at SFU, 1st year. I am very passionate about education and how it is carried out in a colonized world. It is my goal in life to help facilitate and provide education to those who have been ushered or denied it. I have personally witnessed the inaccurate study methods that result directly from colonization. This greatly motivated me to join the Blog Writing team so I could use my skills for the greater good. I would love to work on a blog piece that discusses the effects of colonization within the education system and how western methods have taken over Indigenous ways of teaching! I’m so excited to be a part of this awesome and talented group!


Hi everyone! I’m April, a Molecular Biology and Biochemistry student at SFU. I enjoy reading, summertime and research. I joined the ITMP because as an Indigenous woman I think it is so important that our youth have access to help early in their education. I would have loved to be a part of something like the ITMP as a child so It is a privilege to be able to help kids as an adult. My dream is to get my doctorate in molecular biology and work towards building a stronger foundation for Indigenous people in health care and research. 


Hey there! I’m Lexa, an MBB major at SFU, hoping to finish my degree this year and apply to the teacher education program with aspirations of being a high school biology or chemistry teacher and pass on my passion for science. In what little spare time I can find, I like to write, read, and play video games.

Thanks to all our blog writers for pulling back the curtain and letting us have a peek at the people behind the posts! Keep your eyes on the blog for biweekly posts, as they are excited to continue the book review series, share upcoming events, and connect with our readers!


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