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Bear Witness Day 2024

Content Warning: medical discrimination towards Indigenous children, death of a child

Today is Bear Witness Day, sometimes known as Jordan’s Day because it is the day we honor the memory of Jordan River Anderson and take action in support of fully implementing Jordan’s Principle. Jordan was a child from Norway House Cree Nation who was born with medical needs that required specialized care. Although he was cleared to receive this specialized support and care at home rather than the hospital, the provincial and federal governments argued for so long over who was financially responsible for his case that Jordan was unable to return home before passing away at 5 years old. From his story, Jordan’s Principle was born to ensure First Nations children receive the services and support they need, at the time they need them with as little delay as possible.

To learn more about Bear Witness Day, check out the blog post we made last year: Bear Witness Day & Jordan's Principle ( Some things kids can do to ‘bear witness’ on May 10th include bringing a teddy bear to school/work, writing a letter to make Bear Witness Day official, or watching “Spirit Bear and Children Make History” to learn about how Jordan’s Principle began. 

If you are a Guardian or Parent interested in accessing services through Jordan’s Principle, the First Nations Child & Family Caring Society has a 1-page information sheet and 3min video that may help you understand the process:

 More information can be found at


Author: Basil, ITMP Admin

Image credits: First Nations Child & Family Caring Society via


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