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(for Indigenous K-12 students)

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Rod Peters
Seabird Island Indian Band

Riverside Consulting

All interested secondary, adult education and students entering university will greatly benefit from this Indigenous Program. Students' benefits are expanding their knowledge and understanding towards university and achieving their goals. There are no charges or fees to access and get these services.


Kevin Lam
Simon Fraser University
Senior Lecturer

The ITMP is a personal, grassroots way to support the growth of Indigenous students. The one-on-one tutoring is a great way to connect and build meaningful, supportive relationships, while also improving the grades of students.

A message from our collaborators...

"My son has always struggled with math and having him enrolled in this program for the last couple of years has helped him immensely and increased his confidence in himself.  


Truly a great and worth while program!"

— Kevin C, Parent

"I’m so very grateful for everyone who is helping my kids. And donating their time and knowledge.  My kids always look forward to their calls and enjoy the help they get and have made connections."

— Leanne P, Parent

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