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Welcome Back!

Updated: Apr 16, 2023

Hello, everyone! As the new school year is now in full swing, we are delighted to announce the return of the ITMP Blog! If you are new to the ITMP, we are so glad to have you join us. You can learn more about us through the “About Us” and “FAQ” pages on the blog. This publication (as well as our Instagram and Facebook) offer opportunities for extra engagement with the program. Be sure to check back every two weeks for program updates, resources that may be of interest to Indigenous youth, and feature articles that highlight the diverse subjects we are interested in and passionate about!

Alongside our tutors and team writing for the blog, this year we also want to provide students with more opportunities to participate! We feel it is of the utmost importance to give youth the opportunity to share their experiences and make sure their voices are heard. For this semester, we are highlighting the theme “Connection” and our prompts are all based on the various relations we have in our lives!

(Please note that while we highly encourage participation in these writing prompts, they are by no means required to complete, and we will only ever share what you and your guardian are comfortable with!)

We are so excited to get the blog going again, and we hope that this will act as an additional helpful, safe, and educational resource for you all. Here’s to a bright school year ahead, full of learning, connection and growth! We’re glad to have you with us on this learning journey.

Authors: Ginuki, ITMP Blog Writer; Misha, ITMP Blog Coordinator; and Basil, ITMP Admin & IT Support

Photo Credits: Agence Olloweb via Unsplash


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