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Official Titles for our Admin Team

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

Hi everyone! We’re proud to announce new official titles for everyone who is involved with running the program. When we first started discussing what these titles should be, we automatically thought of Western positions, like Director or President. When we brought up this discussion with our Advisor, he gave the great suggestion that we should consider leadership titles that stem from Indigenous communities, not Western ones. We all thought that was a perfect idea. After all, this is a program that focuses on Indigenous youth and their communities. By using and displaying Indigenous leadership titles instead of Western titles, we hope this shows our great respect for these communities and our efforts for reconciliation on Turtle Island.

Without further ado, our new titles are:

Rod Peters: ITMP Advisor

Todd Nelson: ITMP Chief

Jessica Seemann: ITMP Vice Chief, Logistics and Operations

Basil Giannopoulos: ITMP Vice Chief, Web and IT Administration

Shay Denis: ITMP Vice Chief, Cultural Outreach and Advocacy

We hope these titles bring clarity to the roles we play in the Indigenous Tutoring & Mentoring Program.

Author: Todd Nelson, ITMP Chief

Photo credits: Cindy Kerr


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