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A Little Break From Spring Break

Hello everyone! We hope you are all enjoying your spring break and taking time to relax, rejuvenate, and renew yourselves for the new season and school semester ahead!

This week, keeping in mind the importance of interconnectedness, we have decided to share a poem by Candace Kagagins, an Ojibwe poet and contributor to Tea and Bannock Stories: First Nations Community of Poetic Voices, which is a collection of poems, art, and other sacred aesthetic practices that explore Indigenous relations to Turtle Island.

This poem sheds light on all of the extraordinary little things that occur on the planet each day, and it reminds us that we are all a vital part of our environments and that each of us plays an important role here on Earth!

The poem:

Another day has gone by

I don't even see the moon

I knew the night would come

I just didn’t think so soon

it’s so amazing

the night, the day

it's so phenomenal the trees

and how they sway

Everything has a reason

They all have something to do

A blessing to me

and a special one for you

The rain replenishes the soil

the stars they shine at night

it's all so beautiful

it’s all such a sight

The flowers bloom

while the birds sing

it’s all so serene

especially in the spring

The water remains calm

the wind has a gentle blow

there’s something hidden in


I promise, I know

There's a secret in the clouds

a whisper in the leaves

This is how Creator wanted it

He wanted us to believe

We hope that Kagagins' beautiful poem serves as a calm and relaxing mindful moment for everyone during this wonderfully chaotic and fun vacation time! We also hope you all take some time to reflect on your relationship to the land around you and think about how you impact it.

Have a lovely spring break!

Author: Misha, ITMP Blog Coordinator

Photo Credits: Max Van Den Oetelaar via Unsplash



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