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National Ribbon Skirt Day

On January 4th, we celebrate National Ribbon Skirt Day. For many Indigenous communities, the Ribbon Skirt represents resilience, strength and identity. The history of ribbon skirts holds a deep cultural importance for Indigenous people in Canada, reflecting both traditional values and resilience. Originating from many different nations across the country, ribbon skirts are covered with vibrant ribbons that symbolize spiritual connections, ancestry and stories. With the impact of colonization and attempts to erase Indigenous cultures, ribbon skirts have become powerful symbols of cultural resurgence and pride. Today, we wear ribbon skirts during ceremonial events, celebrations, and everyday life, serving as a visible expression of Indigenous resilience, heritage, and the enduring strength of Indigenous women and two-spirits. 

Laura Alix is an Anishinaabe woman who sells ribbon skirts to those all over Canada. She created her store in early 2023 and has since had the privilege to make many skirts for people all across many nations. This is a way she has found to connect to her culture and show her pride for her Indigenous roots. You can find her store on instagram @laura_alixwagoosh

Author: April Benoit Reilly, ITMP Blog Writer

Image credits:  Images 1 & 2 (Ribbon Skirts) credited to Laura Alix via Instagram

Image 3 (Trio wearing Ribbon Skirts) credited to April Benoit Reilly



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